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Vela Solidária ambassadors are people who, wherever they pass, namely by the sea or where navigable water plans exist, develop sailing, awareness and information activities aimed not only at potential beneficiaries of Vela Solidária but also at institutions, policy makers, family members and companies that, by sharing a common objective and the synergy of efforts, can assume the role of promoters of Vela Solidária in their geographical area.

Who are the Ambassadors of  Vela Solidária?

Natali is an Oceanographer with experience in environmental impact studies, João is a Naval Engineer with experience in ship inspection. They became involved in the solidarity sailing project when, due to our personal circumnavigation project on a sailing boat, they were invited to be ambassadors for the project.

João Liberato and Natali Santos are ambassadors of Vela Solidária on a worldwide scale. These two young people are fulfilling their dream of traveling around the world on a sailing vessel and in the places where they will pass, their mission is to develop activities either directly with children and young people at risk and with people with disabilities or with all people and entities that can take a leading role in the possible implementation of the Vela Solidária model in these communities.

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Do you want to be an Ambassador of Vela Solidária?

The ambassadors of Vela Solidária are people who, due to their experience in the sport of sailing or in life in general and because they identify and believe in this project, are invited to assume this role.

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