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Be a Volunteer, Make a Difference!

Many people start their professional careers as volunteers, and thus, increase knowledge by developing actions that will make them better understand the world around them.


Volunteering is a benevolent process that allows people to improve their educational and professional development.

It is an opportunity for personal growth that allows you to acquire new personal and professional skills, thus enhancing the curriculum.

Our adapted sailboats are people with reduced mobility, but self-sufficient, with a lot of sailing experience, but who need help with assembly and disassembly and, entry and exit of the boats, which is done through a small crane.

This process is only possible with the help of volunteers, and without them, these sailors will not be able to sail.

We remind that these sailors are federated athletes, of high performance, and have already represented Portugal on several occasions in European and World championships.

If you want to be part of this project and have some time to help us with activities, organization, logistics or any other area, do not hesitate, contact us.

Guilherme Ribeiro - +351  961 825 000

Adapted Sailing Project Manager


Nuno Brum - +351  960 414 058

Adapted Sailing Coach

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