Vela Solidária has two types of population as beneficiaries.


- Children and Youth who live in institutions or who are integrated in social integration projects;

- People with disabilities, regardless of type or grade;

focusing on two specific areas:

1) To teach the art of sailing, with all that it implies - terminology, navigation rules, sailings, handling of a sailing vessel, among others;

2) Promote the development of skills through the practice of sailing, namely conflict management, team work, overcoming, problem solving and social integration.

Here are some of the institutions we work with regularly:

House of Nossa Senhora da Conceição

Family home of 34 children and young people, all female, aged between 3 and 23 years old.
Performs solidarity sailing activities weekly, during the weekend.

Home of Good Samaritan Beliefs

Family home for 30 children and young people, of both sexes, aged between 3 and 18 years old.
Performs solidarity sailing activities weekly, during the weekend.

Children's Home (CASLAS)

Family home for 55 children and young people (40 girls and 15 boys), aged between 3 and 20 years.
Working as an extended extension of the biological family, the Youth Home seeks to respond to the desires and desires of children and young people who, for whatever reason, are deprived of a normal family experience.
Performs solidarity sailing activities weekly, during the weekend, at the Lagos center.

Professional Rehabilitation Unit (Casa de Santo Amaro)

It is aimed at young people and / or adults with disabilities, disabilities or disadvantages, over 15 years.
It carries out two monthly activities of Solidarity Sailing.

Occupational Activities Center (Casa de Santo Amaro)

Create conditions that allow the development of people with disabilities, at the emotional, cognitive and social levels, maximizing autonomy and seeking their well-being, with respect to their special characteristics and needs, always aiming at a better social inclusion. Conducts activities of Adapted Sailing weekly.

Center for Occupational Activities (NECI)

It contributes to the improvement of the quality of life and the full inclusion in society of people with disabilities, disabilities, handicap or delayed development in childhood, as well as individuals and families in situations of social and / or economic fragility, valuing their potentialities and promoting their skills.
Conducts activities of Adapted Sailing weekly.

Project Dives for You Hand (Escolhas Project)

Social integration and individual training project aimed at children and young people of both sexes and over the age of 6. It is located in the Cruz da Parteira social district in Portimão.
It carries out activities of Vela Solidária, especially during holidays and school breaks.


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